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Are you happy at work?

I know.  You are probably thinking that is a silly if not totally irrelevant question.  After all, all you really need and expect from work is a paycheck, right?

Ok, maybe a little more than a paycheck.   You do have a few friends at work and sometimes you do get to do some really cool stuff that is just in your sweet spot professionally.  You do have some perks although less than before if you are like most employees these days.

But are you happy?

What if you were?

Research shows that happy employees have greater life satisfaction, are more productive, have higher morale, less sick time, are less likely to leave their employer, are more likely to work well with others, are better able to process complex thinking challenges quickly and accurately…well, you get the idea.

And, if you have responsibilities at work that extend beyond just worrying about whether you yourself are happy, then multiple those favorable outcomes from happiness by the number of people on your team, in your organization.  Imagine what happiness at work might do for you and your organization.

So, are you happy at work?

If you would like to know and are willing to devote 10 minutes — 10 MINUTES — to finding out, click the link below and take the HappinessWorks survey.  You’ll receive your results immediately and will have online access to your results and to the survey (you can retake it to measure your progress) for the next year.

Take the Free Survey

Check out Nic Marks, the HappinessWorks guru make the case for why happiness at work matters.  TEDX Warwick.

Visit the website.

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