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Manager and Supervisor Development

Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave managers and supervisors.  We approach professional development as a combination of assessment, needs definition, training or knowledge transfer, practical application, and coaching to move thinking to action in the workplace.



Identify existing strengths and weaknesses to target training dollars for most effect.  Adjust professional development opportunities over time to continuously identify the emerging needs.


Needs Definition

Prioritize and scope actual, not general, professional development needs to focus your professional development efforts to maximize immediate impact in the workplace.


Training or Knowledge Transfer

Adults learn differently, building new knowledge on the framework of what they already know.  With accurate assessment and clear needs definition,  knowledge transfer can be designed and delivered to just the right audience at just the right time.

04_manager_supervisor_practical_applicationPractical Application

It’s essential for managers and supervisors to understand the conceptual models of management AND be able to practically apply that understanding real time in the workplace.  We build custom cases to make the learning practical and applied.


Coaching to Move Thinking to Action

We’ve all attended great professional development programs only to be charged up and ready to go when we return to the office only to put the binder on the shelf and be subsumed into the day-to-day demands without ever looking back.  We offer group coaching for professional development cohorts to help move thinking to action and to create an internal learning and peer-support community that endures after we are gone.

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