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If we think about it, we all do our best learning when we have a strong coach who is focused on supporting just us.

Imagine the child moving from crawling to walking.  It’s the perfect analogy for a good coaching relationship.  First, the parents and child have a completely shared goal, the child learning to walk.  There is only one agenda, the child’s, driven by the undeniable urge to learn to walk.  The parents, being good coaches, provide supportive feedback (ooo’s and ah’s at each small progress toward the goal), a safe environment to test out and learn this walking stuff (no tables with sharp edges to fall into), just the right challenge when the child needs it as they leave the safety of balancing along the coffee table to launching out to connect with their parent’s hand a few steps away.

Nelson Hart has a coaching cadre of ICF certified coaches, many with interesting areas of specialty.

Initial Coachee Interview. We carefully interview each potential coachee to understand them individually, their work context, presenting challenges and likely coaching goals.  We seek to understand their personality and style to identify the best fit coach.

Selection of Coaching Panel.  From our extensive coaching cadre, we select those coaches that we believe will provide the best fit for the individual coaching client.  We then share the details of the coaching assignment so that our coaches are able to determine if this assignment is a fit for them, too. We offer a panel of three potential coaches and provide the coachee with their resumes for review.

Coachee Interviews Coaches for Best Fit. After reviewing the resumes of the coaching panel and discussing how to interview potential coaches, the coachee interviews each coach to find the one who will be the best fit for them.  The coachee then selects the coach that is the best fit for them and our coaching coordinator notifies the coaching panel participants of  the results.  Our coaches are all committed to this process to assure that all coaching clients have the best possible coach for them; and, we know that the best coach is about more than credentials.

Initial Meeting of Coachee and Coach. Shortly after selecting a coach, the coachee will meet with the coach and design a coaching plan to include possible self and 360 assessments, discussion with the coachee’s supervisor for input/review on goals, and to plan the coaching process.

Coaching is Confidential. Coaching while paid for by the employer is confidential as to the details of all coaching discussions.  Our coaches will keep the employer posted on progress, but never content of coaching discussions.  Should the need arise for a facilitated discussion between the coachee and their supervisor or members of their team, the NH coach will facilitate the discussion while carefully maintaining confidentiality.

Coaching. Coaching sessions may be by phone, in person, or by virtual meeting at the discretion of the coachee and the direction provided by our client.  The coaching sessions are organized to consistently focus on supporting the coachee to safely attain the goals set for coaching.  Our coaches will constructively challenge coaching clients to broaden their thinking, test new ways of engaging at work, and support coachee accountability for goal attainment.

We believe that coaching is an important tool for new supervisors, managers and leaders to successfully make the transitions these new roles require.  Coaching may also be helpful where work relationships have been strained over time and a reset is needed.  Nelson Hart’s coaching cadre is able to facilitate dyad coaching to resolve and reset work relationships to benefit the individuals, their teams and organizations.


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