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Capacity Building

Robert Quinn at the University of MIchigan’s Ross School of Business said it best:  organizations have two choices, only two.

One is to remain the same and that leads to slow death.

The other is to constantly engage in Deep Change, also the title of his book, which leads to sustainable organizations.

Organizations in all sectors are now perpetually challenged to meet accelerating change initiatives with increasingly constrained resources.  Burnout, high turnover, low morale, higher healthcare costs, low employee engagement may result if these change initiatives are not supported by substantive capacity building for staff.  It’s not enough to make the technological or organizational changes.  For organizations to continuously grow, so too must their team members.

Capacity building may include executive and manager coaching, team coaching, skills assessments, implementing comprehensive employee programs such as happiness at work, strengths-based management, wellness programs, and targeted training and development programs.

Nelson Hart is able to provide the analytical support to define the capacity requirements and design and deliver a comprehensive strategy of building engagement and competencies to meet future needs.


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