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Positive Psychology Day

We were recently asked to provide a client with a one-day training that would be practical for the team, resonate with the team members personally and professionally, and help enhance morale on a project team that has been working too hard for too long and are risking burnout.

We created a workshop called Positive Psychology Day.  Haven’t heard of positive psychology, many haven’t.  It’s the flip side of psychology as usual, focusing on what’s wrong and making it better.  Positive psychology focuses on what is or could be better and works to make it so!

Could your team benefit from a pick-me up?  Might they and your organization benefit if they learned to use their strengths more, if they were effectively optimistic and resilient in the face of adversity and change?  Would you like to expand your toolkit for creating a motivating environment where team members are able to consistently do their best without relying on the all-to-scarce monetary rewards?

Then this might be for you.


Ask us about how this could help your teams which are feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

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