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Special Request Projects

We often receive unique requests from clients and we work with our network to identify and engage the best subject matter experts we know to staff these special projects.  Our core team has a wide range of experience and expertise and while we don’t take on all special request projects, we do take on those in our sweet spots.

We have worked with nonprofit boards of directors to provide governance education and assistance, succession planning, executive coaching for board members and senior executives of these organizations.

We have occasionally been asked to help a board of directors establish strategic goals and objectives for the executive director and supported routine reporting and accountability  through executive coaching, policy and procedure development and implementation.  We have even completed confidential assessments for boards conducting internal inquiries.  In all of these situations, our expertise and our integrity have been highly valued.

We have supported organizations to design continuous improvement protocols, collaboratively developed requirements definition for new information systems, supported objective assessment of technical proposal responses.

We have even developed a model for performance measurement for facilities for the Federal government which was reported in a National Academy of Sciences report.

We bring curiosity, creativity, competence and care to all of our special request projects.


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