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Lynne M. Hornyak, PhD, PCC

Lynne is a leader of our executive coaching cadre and works with individual coaching clients, dyads, and teams.  She contributes her substantial wisdom and perspective in our leadership development projects working with new and experienced leaders.

As a coach for Nelson Hart LLC, Lynne focuses on leading-edge leadership development initiatives. Trained as a clinical psychologist and professional coach, she partners with professionals to maximize their leadership strengths and to be agile adapters to constant change. This typically means tapping self-management and interpersonal skills, now commonly referred to as “emotional intelligence.” Lynne coaches leaders from private industry – from defense and technology through financial, legal, and consultative businesses – as well as government agencies.  She is particularly passionate about coaching high potential leaders to discover and make the most of their talents.

Lynne grew up in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. When she is not working, she and her husband hike, bike, and travel extensively.  Lynne also has a love of photography and plans to one day create her own line of greeting cards using her photo images.

Lynne is certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). A graduate of the Mentor Coach Program (MCP), she served on its training faculty, mentoring and instructing other coaching professionals. For the past nine years, Lynne has designed and implemented customized executive coach training programs for organizations.

In her coaching and consulting roles, Lynne draws on her extensive background in assessment and evidence-based methods. She is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): the Center for Creative Leadership’s 360 assessments, including Benchmarks; the Realise 2 Individual and Team strengths-based tools; and the EQ-i and EQ-360. Lynne also uses the FIRO-B, DISC, and other tools for development purposes.  Her latest focus is designing customized 360-degree assessment programs for organizations.

Lynne received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Catholic University of America, Washington, DC in the early 1980s. Her career journey includes a 16-year therapy practice in downtown Washington, D.C.; directing a mental health clinic; teaching psychology courses at the Pentagon; conducting workshops and trainings in her specialty areas; writing professionally and for the general public; editing two professional books; and holding offices on the boards of ten non-profit organizations. Lynne entered the emerging field of coaching in the late 1990s, bridging from clinical work to partnering with organizations, with a passion for translating the current research on “positive workplaces” to an organization’s particular needs and interests.  Lynne also serves as Adjunct Faculty for the University of Maryland’s Center for Excellence in Project Management, lecturing on emotional intelligence and contemporary leadership issues.

Lynne is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Division of Consulting Psychology, International Coach Federation (ICF), American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), and Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM). She has attained Fellow status in four professional associations.

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