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Jocelyn S. Davis, Co-Founder

Jocelyn is the president and co-founder of Nelson Hart LLC, a women-owned consulting firm.  Nelson Hart works with clients in all sectors to help them develop teams and workplaces where individuals flourish and the organizations thrive.

Jocelyn currently resides in Arlington, Virginia with her husband and two dogs.  She enjoys spending time with her two grandsons who live close by.  She is an accomplished gardener and cook and loves the beach.

Management Experience

Prior to founding Nelson Hart  in 2002, Jocelyn was chief operating officer of Beers & Cutler and chief financial officer of AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, and treasurer and chief financial officer of the ICMA Retirement Corporation and ICMA Retirement Trust which provide defined contribution pension plans to state and local government employees.  She brings to this project a unique blend of financial management and analysis expertise, consulting experience on a wide variety of projects in many industries, and experience as a board director in both for profit and non-profit organizations including the GAVI Fund which is part of a large non-governmental alliance to support immunizations in the world’s poorest countries.  She practiced in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC as a certified public accountant in the audit practice of Ernst & Young, formerly Ernst & Ernst.

Executive Leadership Development

Jocelyn believes that each of us has unique strengths and capabilities to bring to our personal and professional lives as individuals and as members of various groups. Good leaders and managers invest the time to know themselves: their strengths and their lesser strengths, their interests and their passions. They also spend the time to know the strengths, lesser strengths, interests and passions of their direct report, their peers and their subordinates. Cultivating, inspiring, and deploying the unique capabilities of each individual is the key to organizational success.

Jocelyn is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, College Park in the Clark School of Engineering, Project Management Program. Where she teaches two innovative applied positive psychology courses:  Managing Project Teams and Evolving as a Leader. These courses incorporate the most recent research and practice from positive psychology, the science of how people flourish.  She is a founding member of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology headquartered in the U.K. and of the International Positive Psychology Association in the U.S.


She has served on several boards both as a member and as committee chair:  GAVI Fund (executive committee chair, audit committee chair, member of various reference groups); American Psychological Association (independent member of the investment and audit committees); and the Allmerica Investment Trust, a mutual fund (audit committee, fund operations fund, executive committee).


Jocelyn is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and practiced for many years as a certified public accountant with Ernst & Whinney, now Ernst & Young.

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