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PMI Montgomery County Maryland Tested the Happy Project Manager

Nelson Hart and Happiness Works collaborated with the Montgomery County Maryland PMI Chapter to conduct a beta of this PM profession survey in October.  Kudos to the chapter for being a willing first adopter!  Results were reported to the chapter’s annual member education program attendees.

Preliminary results were quite interesting. Nearly 400 people were in attendance.  Survey response rate was 56%.  Approximately 50 chapter members took the survey after hearing the presentation on the results.

  1. 38% of respondents reported that they felt they had good jobs
  2. overall levels of happiness were the same across sectors
  3. motivation levels were lower for the not-for-profit sector compared to motivation reported by the for-profit or the public sectors
  4. personal resources for the not-for-profit sector were considerably higher than in the other two sectors
  5. several industries reported deficits in motivation and organizational systems with significantly below average results
  6. education reported the highest scores overall and for each of the four key domains;  personal resources, organizational system, motivation and experience of work
  7. professionals with 6 to 10 years of work experience reported the lowest happiness at work
  8. task managers reported happiness at work at 3.5 (of 10 possible) likely reflecting lack of autonomy and heavy work hours
  9. individuals in organizations using the ad hoc project management process reported lower happiness at work than those with more mature project management processes

Key strengths of the profession supporting happiness at work which reported in this initial test survey included:

  1. interesting and challenging work
  2. strong personal resources: self confidence, vitality, personal health, and supportive personal relationships

Important opportunities for improvement in PM happiness at work included:

  1. achievability of job
  2. stress levels
  3. lack of cooperation between/among teams
  4. good friends at work (a leading indicator of employee engagement and discretionary effort0
  5. constructive feedback
  6. job security
  7. well managed organizations

We’ll be reporting in greater depth on these preliminary results.


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